UK Singles Wanted

At Relationship Adviser, I’m frequently provided with information about TV opportunities for UK singles.  The above is a current casting call for a new channel 5 series.  Please do get in touch with the production team if this is of interest and look out for new opportunities via my blog!

Taking Part in a TV Dating Show

Taking part in a TV dating show is an exciting prospect.  It’s also a very real commitment to showing up on the day and allowing the production team to edit and use footage as they wish.  You need to be flexible in your attitude towards travel, meeting new people and filming schedules.  Dates, times and locations can be moved at the very last minute.

Production teams will do everything they can to put you at ease.  However, you will be expected to be able to take instruction and behave professionally at all times.

The Nation’s Favourite Dating Shows

Dating shows are currently enjoying huge success in the UK.  First dates Love IslandThe Undateables.  It seems we just can’t get enough of watching others find love!  These shows are often great at matching compatible couples.  It’s important for us, as an audience, to feel sure that participants are genuinely looking for love.  If not, it’s impossible to become invested in their stories.  Therefore, cast members who show vulnerability and honesty are the singles we root for.  During the summer of 2017, Camilla Thurlow’s search for love in Love Island gave a very authentic feel to the show.  Audiences are becoming tired of fame hungry wannabees.  As a result, mature couples are in high demand for new and existing dating shows.  Audiences have been enchanted by the wisdom and honesty of older people who realise that being able to give and receive love are really the only two skills we need for a life lived well.

Camilla Thurlow